Sunday, May 2, 2010

Freedom in 3 dimensions - time, location, and thoughts.

Theses days, when asked by friends and family what I treasure most, I always reply "FREEDOM" and to further elaborate, I treasure freedom in 3 dimensions, namely, the freedom of time, location, and thoughts.

Freedom of controlling your own time means that you are not bound by rigid routines. You can pretty much organize your own schedule according to what you want to do.

Freedom of controlling your location means you can practically be anywhere you want if you like. Pick up a few things when you can be on your way to any destination that you desire.

Freedom of thoughts takes a little bit more explaining, I mean other people can restrain you physically, but they can't exactly stop you from "thinking", so what do I mean by freedom of thoughts? It is the attitude of believing you can achieve anything if you try and work hard on, it is the positive mindset that allows you to keep learning and striving to better yourself. The restricting on thoughts can only come from yourself, so free yourself and enjoy this dimension of freedom.

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